Subscription premium plan is lost

Step 1

  • If the pricing page does not show upgraded pemium plan, then It is possible that your phone might not have been properly synced with server.
  • Restart the app with internet connection switched ON and let your phone sync with server to get subscription details.

Step 2

  • If issue persists, check if you are logged in with correct email ID from the top of the main navigation menu.


If email ID is wrong or different from which you purchased, follow below steps -

1. If you have NOT added new data, or are OK and fine losing data in currently logged in account

Re-install the app or clear storage of the app from phone settings and sign in with the correct old email ID.

2. Otherwise, to backup the data

Collaborate all tables with the old email ID so that you can access them. Then, logout and re - login with subscribed email id.


If are a guest user,

Open the main navigation menu , press 'Register' option and register a new email ID. Repeat Step 2A.