Data is lost after logging

It is possible that

  • You have skipped the sign in and created a new guest account


  • You have logged / signed in with an email ID different from the one used earlier


  • You have logged / signed in with a wrong email ID.

Please check from the main navigation menu if you have logged in with correct email.

If it's correct, then open the app with internet connection switched ON and let your phone sync with server to get subscription details.

If its not correct and If you have not added new data, re-install the app or clear storage of the app from phone settings and sign in with the correct old email ID.

If you have added data to this new account, you will have to collaborate all tables with the old email ID so that you can access them.

If you have skipped sign in, open the main navigation menu , press 'Register' option and register a new email ID so that you can collaborate.