How to use the app

How to Start

Do More

  • Add colors and styles to any cell, row or column
  • Add reminders to a row.
  • Filter rows by a text in any cell.
  • Export selected rows or whole table in PDF, Excel or text.
  • ​Collaborate whole table real-time with other users.

Using forms and collaboration, you can use the app for following use cases -


  • Project Management - Use Tasks To Do sample and collaborate with your co-workers to enable them to add their progress via forms.
  • Product Catalog - Use Product Catalog sample and send it as a PDF to your customers with your company logo and name. Soon, you will be able to publish it as a website and send link to your customers.
  • Inventory Management - Create your own table and collaborate with employees and customers to share real time status of inventory including logistics.
  • Online Register - Use Contact sample and enter registration of visitors and walk in customers logs
  • OnSite data collection - Create your own table and collaborate with Insurance agents, field technicians, salesmen enter data via forms and data analysed in office
  • Public Time schedule - Use Agenda sample table and to share Flight schedules and event time tables. Soon, they can be published on web
  • Time tracking - Keep time log sheets of workers and get instant rate card
  • Account mangement - Use Expenses or investments sample tableto enter sales & purchases or expenses via forms. Analyse with graphs.