How to import Excel file?

Only .XLS and .XLSX files can be imported. Google sheet files are not currently supported.
  • Press the + button on main page of the app.
  • Press Excel icon to open file selector page.
  • Open navigation menu from left to see more folder options. You can select file from like Google Drive, internal storage of phone, downloads, etc.
  • If you can't see internal storage folder, press the 3 dot menu on top right corner and select Show internal folder.
  • Select an Excel file.
  • Create table page will open where you can define the column types, no. of columns and no. of rows to be imported.
  • Press tick icon on top right to import the whole data into the table.
Most of the column types can't be changed after table is created. Hence, ensure that column types are correct.

Columns with text less than 15 characters will be assigned SELECTABLE type. You can change it to TEXT type in the next screen.
  • Formula of the 1 st row will be applied to the whole column
Below not supported
  • Functions like = SUM(A1:A20)
  • Formulas with different rows = A1 + B2