How to add other users or collaborators to a table?

App people to your tables
  1. Ensure that your phone has internet access.

  2. Open the Table page

  3. Press the 3 dots on top right corner to open menu

  4. Select Add People

  5. Press Add new collaborator button in the next screen

  6. Enter email ID of the other REGISTERED

  7. Press Done button.

  8. In a few seconds, user will be added.

Please Note - The other user must be registered with his email ID in table notes app before adding him as a collaborator.

You can provide following view or edit access rights to the collaborator.


This collaborator can add new rows via form.

You can restrict him to see rows added by him and not view rows added by other collaborators.

Can view all rows i.e. rows created by him as well as created by other collaborators.

You can restrict him to see and / or edit your choice of columns. Just tick mark the columns while adding him as collaborator.