Data backup and security

  • Is there a data backup option? All your data is automatically synced and backed up in Table notes cloud server when internet is ON and app is open. So you can access your data from any other phone by logging in with same email id registered with Table Notes.

  • Can I manually back up my data in phone? Since data is backed up automatically in cloud , there is no need to manually backup data locally in phone. Hence, there is no option to do so. Alternatively, you could export tables in either excel or PDF format in your phone.

  • How safe Is my data with Table Notes app? Yes, your data will be safe and confidential with Table Notes app. Table Notes cloud server shares same security model as of Google Cloud Platform which is used by Google applications like Gmail, Search and other Apps. All data including files, images, user information and table content is encrypted and saved in the server. It is also encrypted during transfer stage between mobile and server. The Sign In and authentication process undergoes several security layers to ensure access to the right user. Having a backup in a server ensures that you don't lose your data if you phone gets corrupted, damaged or lost.